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Welcome to Brera Hotels

Brera Hotels have a strong tradition of hospitality and is ideal for long and short stays in Milan. Renovated in 2009, in line with innovative standards this hotel is a pleasant mix of comfort, hospitality and quality services.

Hotel Zurigo is located within walking distance from the cathedral. For those who prefer to travel by metro, just a few meters from the Hotel entrance you’ll find the Missori metro station (MM3 yellow line).

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Discover the History of Brera Hotels

  • The Group

    The Group “Brera Hotels” is an independent chain of boutique hotels in Milan.

    The Brera Hotels are located in three strategic locations in the historical center of Milan, close to the most decisive places of the city like Piazza Duomo, Piazzale Cadorna, Fiera Milano City and the Central Station. In our hotels every need will be satisfied in order to guarantee to our guests a stay "like at home".
  • The History

    The Brera Hotels Group was founded in 1994 and it has been developing, from year to year, with new location and services dedicated to the care of the guests. In these three hotels the service of reception is conceived as the main rule.

    Emanuele Vitrano Catania, General Manager of the Brera Hotels Group, followed the family traditions, a main character in the world of hospitality and catering, enriching it with his personal training. The path that will lead Emanuele Vitrano to the creation of Brera Hotels Group started in the 70s with the acquisition of the Hotel Zurich in Corso Italy.

    Over the years, the Brera Hotels has set new goals that have made real in a short time. Through the acquisition of other hotels and the continuous renewal of services to customers, the growth process of the Group Brera materialized steadily declining rule of hospitality dedicated.

    During the 90s Brera Hotels created the first Ecological Hotel in Italy, with the renovation of an early '50s building, according to the criteria of "Bio Architecture", in collaboration with architect Serena Omodeo.

    The classical school of hospitality teaches that a person, in the hotel, should feel better than at home. This simple concept wants to extend the "well-being" in all possible meanings, and in Brera Hotels is an essential rule.
  • Values

    Hospitality and experience are the distinctive values of the Brera Hotels Group. Three hotels to choose from, in order to satisfy every need of business and leisure. The priority is to welcome and greet our guests! Brera Hotels Group aims to make the customer feel "better  than at home" and devotes all its efforts in it

    The value of respect for the environment is shown in the “green” setting of all the services offered by the group, the first in Italy that built a completely ecological hotel to protect the environment and improve the well-being of guests.

    The tendency to continuous improvement, is another value for Brera Hotels that is shown in the ability to renew facilities and services on an ongoing basis and according to the customer needs. Located in central Milan, not far from strategic places as the Duomo or train stations, the Brera Hotels make the value of courtesy, one of the cornerstones of their philosophy aiming to understand and satisfy the needs of all guests, providing them dedicated services.

    The smile is the most important value to tell the customers, from the first moment, a story of great experience which translates simply in the welcome.