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Welcome to Brera Hotels

Brera Hotels have a strong tradition of hospitality and is ideal for long and short stays in Milan. Renovated in 2009, in line with innovative standards this hotel is a pleasant mix of comfort, hospitality and quality services.

Hotel Zurigo is located within walking distance from the cathedral. For those who prefer to travel by metro, just a few meters from the Hotel entrance you’ll find the Missori metro station (MM3 yellow line).

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Discover the History of Brera Hotels

  • The Group

    The Group “Brera Hotels” is a small independent chain of boutique hotels in Milan that points on the value of experience.

    The Group Brera hotels are located in three strategic locations that allows to respond appropriately to any kind of needs, including logistics.
  • The History

    The Group “Brera Hotels” was founded in 1994 and enriches from year to year with location and services to devote to the care of the guests. Three hotels that offer a vast array of suites and accommodation where the service of reception is conceived as the main rule.

    Emanuele Vitrano, General Manager of the Group, started to take his first steps in the world of hospitality and catering from a young age, following the family tradition. But it is only in the 70's, with the acquisition of the Hotel Zurich in Corso Italia, that Vitrano started a new project that would lead to the creation of the Group Brera Hotels

    Over the years, this project has been enriched with new goals that have been all achieved. The acquisition of other hotels, the extension of services to the customer, an extended variety of accommodation, the whole process of growth of the Group Brera has materialized declining steadily the rule of devoted hospitality.

    In the 90’s the Group Brera Hotels has created the first Ecological Hotel in Italy, renovating a building from the early 50’s, in collaboration with Architect Serena Amodeo and in line with the criteria of "Bio Architecture" . The classical school of hospitality teaches that a person, “must feel better than at home” in the hotel. This simple concept will extend the "feel good" concept in all possible meanings, and for Brera Hotels this is an essential rule.
  • Values

    Hospitality and experience are the distinctive values of the Group Brera Hotels. Three hotels to choose from, to suit every need of business and leisure.

    The quality in welcoming the guest is top of the list! The Philosophy of the Group “Brera Hotels” declines starting from the ability to make the clients feel "better than at home."

    The value of respecting the environment can be found in all the services offered by the group, which makes it the first environmentally friendly Hotel in Italy.

    The tendency to constant improvement, is another important value that Brera Hotels translates in the ability to consistently renew facilities and services and bring them in line with customer requirements.
    The value of courtesy, which aims to understand and satisfy the needs of the guests in the Hotel, will bring dedicated services at their disposal.

    A” smile” is the most important value. To tell the customers, from the first moment, a history of great experience which simply translates in a good “welcome” of the guests.